Custom Home Builder Collierville

Blake Grissom


Grissom Homes was founded on Blake’s passion of building something from nothing. Often heard saying “Overbuild it, or build it over,” Blake is the reason behind the quality and integrity you know and love in every GRISSOMBUILT home. Passionate, loyal, honest, and a true leader, Blake works tirelessly to bring our clients a superior product they deserve.

Custom Home Builder Collierville

Chris Rivers

Project Specialist

Chris’s vision for perfection mates seamlessly with the GRISSOMBUILT team’s desire for superior craftsmanship. Self-motivated and tireless, Chris mitigates issues daily to create masterpieces for our clients. He is the most important contributor that elevates our houses above the competition.


Through open dialogue and collaboration, we are focused on your goals to make your dream home a reality. We maintain a true partnership with superior craftsmen and vendors to bring you a GRISSOMBUILT product that will last a lifetime. Our hope is that you will enjoy your unique home for years to come.

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